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Intelligent Design and Evolution on the Web

Academic and Scholarly

National Academies Books, articles, statements and research papers on evolution and the teaching of evolution.

Blogs - Con

Greene's Creationism Truth Filter - A Christian who affirms evolution, engaged in dialog with others who think differently. Many links to discussion forums.

Ken Miller's Evolution Page Articles, links to talks and a link to the online edition of Darwin's "The Origin of Species."

The Panda's Thumb - Criticism and news from a pro-evolution viewpoint. Well written.

Red State Rabble - Focus on the attempt to introduce ID into Kansas Classrooms with many posts about developments around the nation.

Blogs - Pro

Evolution News & Views Organ of the "Center for Science and Culture." News with unabashed advocacy thrown in.

intelligent design - Attempts to analyze scientific ideas from an untrained layman's view. Young earth creationist.

Post-Darwinist Journalist Denyse O'Leary posts and links to news stories on intelligent design and evolution.

Reasons to Believe Old earth creation science. Links, beautiful astronomy photos, some nice science reporting.

Telic Thoughts Intelligent amateur philosophic musings on the concept of purpose with an emphasis on epistemology. Pleasant tone and relatively well written.

Uncommon Descent Intelligent design blog by William A. Dembski. He is one of the leading proponents of intelligent design.

Blogs - Unconventional & Fringe

Books & Book Reviews

Icons of Evolution - Author Jonathan Wells - Attempt to deconstruct evolution by focusing on commonly cited examples of the process. Written in layman's terms. Tries to unseat established science through democratic means.

The Republican War on Science Author and lecturer Chris Mooney's take on the use of bad science for political ends, cuts in funding with political motives, and the proper role of political ideology in science. Segments of the Christian community misuse science to claim scientific, rather than biblical support for their views.


National Center for Science Education National organization dedicated to the teaching of evolution in schools. State-by-state archives of news items, links to leading science site.

Talk Origins Archive A unique collection of articles and essays, most from the scientific viewpoint, explaining the details of evolution and clearing up misunderstanding. The "must read" file covers the basics of the science, philosophy and theology of evolution.

Talk Reason Articles on a wide variety of topics relating to debunking creationism and intelligent design. Philosophy, theology, science, and many articles written at the graduate level.

Understanding Evolution From Berkeley university, includes a history of evolutionary thought, a discussion of what evolution means at an individual level, a discussion of the evidence for evolution, and evolution in the news. Of particular interest is the article on the current evolutionary changes in bacteria that make them resistant to antibiotics.

Humor & Satire

Church of The Flying Spaghetti Monster Intelligent design theory is mute on the identity of the designer. This site answers the question, who was the intelligent designer? Devoted to the cult of Pastafarianism.

God the Fashion Designer

Intelligent Design, the Tonya Harding approach to careers for Biologists



Creation & Intelligent Design Watch Hosted by the committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal. Up-to-date news and analysis, mostly written by scholars and practicing scientists.

Intelligent Design the Future Organ of the Discovery Institute, listing many of the idea men behind intelligent design as contributors. Links to scholarly articles and news said to support intelligent design.

Noteworthy Posts

Emotional Attachment to Beliefs Well written post that makes a point about what people are sacrificing for their beliefs.

Is the Designer the Designed? Interesting, intelligent alternate view against ID with philosophical comments and disagreements.

Other guides, indexes & lists

Access Research Network providing accessible information on science, technology and society from an intelligent design perspective.

The ID Update News and Commentary Updates for the ID Community



American Family Association This link takes you to a blatantly loaded question.

CBS Poll dated October 23, 2005 Americans reject evolution by a razor thin margin (51%).

National Center for Science Education Results of a poll conducted in 2002 about intelligent design, evolution and science. Results broken down by layperson and scientist responses. Details of construction of the poll, questions, and results given.

Zogby poll of 2001 Full report (PDF file.)


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